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Jay Servidio

My name is Pete. I am from St louis. I bought a site from Jay Servidio at Teleteria and made no money for 3 months. I was so busy at my day job I had no time to market my site. Jay Servidio called me and asked if I needed help. He took time to call me on a Sunday and walk me through the marketing process step by step. We were on the phone for almost 3 hours. I never never NEVER had any company do that for me before. I was so impressed that a guy who has been doing this for 20 years took time on a Sunday to help a new client out. I read alot about Teleteria on Stumbledupon.com

Anyway by the end of the fourth month I make back my initial investment and profited. As of today my sites earn over 450.00 a day in profit. Its the best investment I ever or will ever do. I have ordered more sites and will begin marketing them right away and not wait this time.

Jay Servidio and the staff at Teleteria have created a fantastic program. I would recommend them to anyone who was looking for a way, a proven way, to make a profit from home.


Thanks Jay Servidio



Jay Servidio with clients

Jay Servidio with clients

Jay Servidio | The Real Equalizer

Jay Servidio

Lost my job lost my apartment lost my girlfriend, in that order.

Thank God I didnt give her the engagement ring I had bought. I was looking for the right time when the bottom fell out of my life and I  began to go in a flat spin headed out to sea. Sold the ring and sent all the money to Teleteria to buy 2 sites. Got to speak to Jay Servidio and because I live in NJ went to see him in his beautiful NYC office. They have a pianist in the lobby. Quite lovely. I read alot of really good reviews on WordPress.com

I told Jay Servidio that if my sites made money I would give him a stellar review and they did so here I am. I never gave a review to anyone or any company before so be gentle with me.

“My sites have been up for a little over 6 months now. I invested $7000.00 and so far have made over $30,000.00.” I ordered 5 more sites and will follow the same method Jay Servidio taught me to drive traffic to my sites. My only regret is too many strippers trying to push up on me.

Thanks Jay Servidio and Teleteria staff.