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This was going to go one of two ways and I told Jay Servidio this when I gave him a deposit for my first site. Either I was going to give him a stellar review or I would trash him all over the net.

I bought a site for $3500.00 and after 7 weeks I made back my initial deposit and my site was generating over $500.00 a day!

All I had to do was get my site listed in hundreds of adult directories. Did I have to go find them? No, Teleteria provided me with a list of thousands and its updated weekly.

My job was to follow in the footsteps of every other successful client Teleteria had in the past. Jay Servidio and staff worked with me, taught me all I needed. It wasnt brain surgery.

The directories are hit by millions of people a day looking for a new porn site they never saw before. Some of them came to my site and some bought membership or live cam or the dating site or the tor store. The site came with 4 separate revenue streams. All of them were under my control and I NEVER had to share my revenue with Teleteria.

Bottom line, I make lots of money with my sites that Teleteria built for me and I promised Jay Servidio that I would give him a good recommendation. I strongly suggest you get started right away and begin the process and make your money. The cnn.com Facebook.com videos and Teleteria reviews helped me feel more comfortable with it also.




jay servidio

jay servidio




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