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My wife and I were always looking for some way to earn money online. We both work and raising 3 kids. No matter how hard we work we never have enough to get the extras and the vacations we want to take our kids on.

We knew about sites made money but my wife was always hesitant to get involved until we found Teleteria. We set up a call so both of us could speak to Jay Servidio together and by the time we were done on that call my wife was totally on board. She asked Jay Servidio lots of questions and he answered them all completely. We really had a thorough understanding of the business and how to make money with it.

He explained about the different revenue streams that the site has. 4 in total and how to market the site so we can bring in traffic right away. Neither of us had any experience marketing online and that was a big issue. Jay Servidio explained that we can get our site linked to directories for free and that would begin the traffic stream we needed.

I told Jay that when we started to make money I would be happy to write a nice testimonial. After 4 months we made back our initial investment and over $4000.00 in profit. We immediately ordered 2 more sites and will begin the linking process all over again. Since then we have referred several friends and my brother in law and we are linking our sites together to help each other. I also watched this on and saw them on

Thank you so much Jay Servidio and Teleteria.




jay servidio

jay servidio



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