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My friends thought I was nuts simply because they lacked a clear understanding of the business. Most of the time when someone is lacking of the facts they are against or prejudice of something. Its human nature.

So when I made the announcement to my friends over beers one night the feedback was less then supportive.

Now fast forward 3 months later when my sites are making me over $500.00 a day and I am buying all the rounds and shots, I prefer Tequila, as it changes things quite rapidly. Four of my 5 closest friends now have their own sites and look to me as the teacher. We have since linked our sites together to share traffic and help each other earn. All I can say is Jay Servidio and the staff at Teleteria really know their stuff. Yeah I read the negative posts which all turned out to be more more personal failure and jealousy then fact. I went to the BBB site and saw the A rating and called them on the phone to verify. I read their Facebook page.  Checked out their Google page. Read their Linkedin page. I read a really cool article on  I read a bunch of really great reviews on Reading about other peoples experiences really gave me a good feeling. Talking to Jay was the best. This page really gave me confidence also


Teleteria built me and my friends terrific sites with beautiful content and Jay Servidio took every single phone call I made to him to ask questions. He not only took my calls but each and every one of my friends as well. Now they have other friends who have bought web site packages from Teleteria. One of my friends gave a Teleteria web site package to a friend on his birthday as a gift. The whole process has really grown with us. Cant even remember what it was like before we got hooked up with Teleteria. Thank you to them and all staff. Get your own site, get started and dont look back.


Jay Servidio Teleteria

Jay Servidio Teleteria

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This was going to go one of two ways and I told Jay Servidio this when I gave him a deposit for my first site. Either I was going to give him a stellar review or I would trash him all over the net.

I bought a site for $3500.00 and after 7 weeks I made back my initial deposit and my site was generating over $500.00 a day!

All I had to do was get my site listed in hundreds of adult directories. Did I have to go find them? No, Teleteria provided me with a list of thousands and its updated weekly.

My job was to follow in the footsteps of every other successful client Teleteria had in the past. Jay Servidio and staff worked with me, taught me all I needed. It wasnt brain surgery.

The directories are hit by millions of people a day looking for a new porn site they never saw before. Some of them came to my site and some bought membership or live cam or the dating site or the tor store. The site came with 4 separate revenue streams. All of them were under my control and I NEVER had to share my revenue with Teleteria.

Bottom line, I make lots of money with my sites that Teleteria built for me and I promised Jay Servidio that I would give him a good recommendation. I strongly suggest you get started right away and begin the process and make your money. The videos and Teleteria reviews helped me feel more comfortable with it also.




jay servidio

jay servidio